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What is the best choice for you Renovation or Remodeling?

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Thinking about what would be the best choice for your construction project - Renovation or Remodeling? Both are similar with distinctive approaches when it involves altering the current state of a structure or property. A main difference between the two is that renovating involves restoring something to its former state or improving upon it, while remodeling is completely altering the structural or aesthetic nature of a property or structure.


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Remodeling constructions  are usually developed to accommodate a need for change in your living space.


Triple S Construction Co. designs range in many different dimensions, and styles from privately located first floor bedroom and bath designs to full in-law apartments. Our in-law apartments may include a separate entrance from the main entrance and can include a complete kitchen and utility or laundry room; creating a space that is entirely self-sufficient. To speak to a design consultant about your construction needs, click here.